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Multi-Family Property Management

Rental Management Solutions provides multip-family property management throughout the Northern Kansas region.

Rental Management Solutions has the knowledge and experience to provide you, the investment
property owner, and the services you need to make it possible for you to reap the benefits of rental
property ownership without the headaches that accompany them. Rental Management Solutions can
provide you with a customized service package to fit your property's needs, including leasing vacant
units, complete applicant background screening, rent collections, financial reporting, budgeting, routine
maintenance needs, renovation of distressed property, and many other services.

What We Do For You...

Staff Management

Rental Management Solutions has the experience necessary to evaluate, hire and manage the
appropriate staff for your property. Rental Management Solutions will manage all aspects of payroll,
benefits and human resource functions to ensure that all of your property staffing needs are met.


The operating budget is a must have for any serious investor of a multi-family portfolio and Rental
Management Solutions has the skill and experience to make this happen for you.
The operating budget provides a projection of income, expenses and profit based on realistic numbers.
Rental Management Solutions has over 15-years' experience in creating and performing to multi-family
operating budgets. Call us today to see how we can help!

Property Marketing

Property marketing is about exposure, awareness and ultimately generating traffic. Rental Management
Solutions has a dedicated department who's primary goal is to create and drive traffic to your
property. Rental Management Solutions utilizes signage, newspaper, telephone book listings, bus
bench advertising, vehicle decal advertising, flyers, referral programs, company website, internet listing
services, social networking, and partnerships with local businesses.

Monthly Reporting

Rental Management Solutions will provide a monthly accounting packet that will provide you with all of
the necessary information to evaluate financial performance of your rental property. The accounting
packet includes an Owners Statement, Rent Roll, 12-Month Profit and Loss, Delinquency Report and
an Aged Payables Report. In addition, the reporting packet will include a cover letter summarizing the
information along with any other property information. If there is ever a question Rental Management
Solutions is always available to give you answers.

Tenant Screening

Rental Management Solutions will conduct a credit check, a criminal background check, and eviction
search, residential history check and reference check. Rental Management Solutions will verify all
household income to ensure the applicant has the ability to pay not only your rent but all of their other
bills as well. Screening will significantly improve the chances of a quality resident in your rental home.