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Tenant Screening

The right resident is what it's all about . The right resident is the difference between making money or a destroyed home. Make sure that you have the right resident by letting Rental Management Solutions handle your screening needs and at no cost to you. The process is quick and simple.

  1. Download the Application Packet
  2. Have the prospective renter complete the forms
  3. Application fee $30.00 per unmarried adult and $50.00 per married couple. Application fees are typically paid by the prospective renter
  4. Submit the application to Rental Management Solutions along with the application fee to begin the screening process
  5. Screening is typically complete within 48 hours.
  6. Rental Management Solutions will contact you with the results

Rental Management Solutions does a credit and criminal background check, verifies income and employment history and verifies previous residential history. Rental Management Solutions reviews the application to check if the application has the financial ability to pay the rent, the residential and employment stability associated with successful tenancy, credit history to see how past bills have been paid and to make sure there are no outstanding balances owed to utilities or other landlords. Finally, Rental Management Solutions checks to see if there are any evictions in the applicants past. All of this information is then used to assist you in making a decision in the selection process.