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  • How is the owner protected if the tenant damages the property?

    During tenancy Rental Management Solutions is in the home on a quarterly basis to change the filter, check the smoke alarms and check the home for any tenant damage or undesirable living situations. The repairs are mad and charged to the resident account. When the resident pays rent, all payments are applied to the oldest charge first which guarantees reimbursement for the damages.

    Once the resident has vacated the home the Security Deposit is the primary means of protection from tenant damages. Unfortunately, the Security Deposit is not always enough to cover the expense of tenant damage and it will become necessary to use legal means in an attempt to collect any outstanding balances. Rental Management Solutions generally will maintain an account for about two weeks to see if there is any chance of setting up a payment arrangement. If an arrangement does not happen then the account is turned over to a collection attorney who will pursue the debt and make sure the obligation is on the tenant's credit record.

    Created on 06/02/2013 in RentRMS Property Management FAQ

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