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Property Owners FAQ

  • Why should I hire Rental Management Solutions to manage my rental property?
  • How do you find tenants?
  • How do you screen applicants?
  • What happens once you find a qualified tenant?
  • What happens if the tenant does not pay rent on time?
  • How do you manage repairs?
  • How is the owner protected if the tenant damages the property?
  • Will you provide me with information regularly about my rental property?
  • How do Owners receive rental investment income?

Tenant FAQ

  • When is my rent due and how is payment accepted?
  • How should I submit maintenance requests (work orders)?
  • When do late fees apply?
  • Can I get a pet after moving in?
  • What maintenance is my responsibility?
  • What do I do in case of emergency maintenance?
  • When can I expect to get my deposit back?
  • Can I use my deposit as my last month's rent?